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S-TEC/Cobham YAW Damper System

60 PSS



S-TEC YAW Damper


  • Overview
  • System Features

YAW Damper Features and Functions

YAW Damper

  • Panel Mounted ON/OFF Switch
  • Rudder Trim Control
  • Remote Mounted Sensor/Amplifier
  • Automatic ON/OFF Mode Integrated with Roll & Pitch Autopilot

About the YAW Damper

The Cobham yaw damper’s innovative design replaces the commonly used rate gyro with a highly accurate accelerometer, which virtually eliminates moving parts, except for the servo actuator. The accelerometer moves only 0.020” for each G of acceleration.

This revolutionary system substantially improves autopilot performance, as it senses both skid-and-slip in a single sensor, rather than the two sensors required in other systems. And unlike other yaw dampers, the Cobham system offers a trim potentiometer that allows centering of the skid-and-slip ball.

Exclusive with the Cobham Yaw Damper are two modes of operation. With its unique 3-position switch in “AUTO” the yaw damper automatically activates when the autopilot is engaged. In the “ON” position, it operates independently, whether or not the autopilot is engaged. And it can be turned off by putting the switch in the “OFF” position.

The Cobham Yaw Damper is approximately half the size and weight of other systems, and approximately half the price, yet provides unequaled precision and performance. The compact size of this fully TSO’d system reduces weight, space and power requirements for efficient installation and performance.

YAW Damper Features of the YAW Damper
YAW Damper
  1. Proven Cobham servo actuator.
  2. 3-position switch. Available in horizontal or vertical configuration. Trim potentiometer enables manual adjustment and centering of the skid and skip ball.
  3. Remote-mounted sensor/computer/ servo amplifier. Solid state design with virtually no moving parts. Accelerometer moves only 0.020” for each G of acceleration.