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S-TEC/Cobham 60 PSS (Pitch Stabilization System)

60 PSS





  • Overview
  • System Features

60 PSS Pitch Stabilzation System Features and Functions

60 PSS

  • Pitch Stabilization System
  • Stand Alone or Add On to Existing Roll Axis Autopilot
  • Panel Mounted Programmer - Remote Computer
  • Remote-mounted pitch computer and absolute transducer
  • Automatic pitch synchronization at engagement
  • Altitude Hold with Altitude Trim
  • Glideslope Coupling
  • Vertical Speed Command
  • Pitch Trim Annunciation


  • Automatic electric pitch trim (where STC'd)
  • Altitude Selector/Alerter
  • Yaw Damper (where STC'd)

System 60 PSS Features of the 60 PSS
System 20/30 Auto Pilot
  1.  Off Switch. To disable autopilot (A/P activated by pressing VS or ALT functions).
  2. VS (Vertical Speed). Holds existing vertical speed when engaged.
  3. ALT (Altitude Hold). Holds existing altitude when engaged.
  4. GS. Indicates glideslope coupling armed and/or active.
  5. UP/DN Buttons. Used to command vertical speed changes; 160 FPM change for each second button is depressed. In altitude hold mode (ALT), buttons trim altitude by 20' of altitude for each second button is depressed.
  6. Pitch Trim Annunciator. When TRIM is lit, system is annunciating an out-of-trim condition, and UP/DN buttons will indicate direction to adjust pitch trim.