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PS-Engineering PXE7300 Entertainment System

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PXE7300 Entertainment System


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Flying Never Sounded so Good!®

PXE7300 Entertainment System

The PXE7300 marks a new level of price performance for Single/Twin Engine and Turbo Prop Aircraft in the In-Flight Entertainment market place. Combining three entertainment systems, (MP3, CD, AM/FM radio) the PXE7300 brings to the aircraft owner a system that not only is very reasonably priced, but has the functionality that makes sense in the cockpit.

Included with this system is an AM/FM aircraft antenna, that was designed to be mounted inside the aircraft. This eliminates the need for your installer to drill holes in your aircraft to mount an antenna, and significantly reducing the cost of the installation. (Note: it may be necessary for optimum reception to mount external antennas, however, based upon our experiences, these inside mounted antennas generally work very well)

Finally, we have developed a user interface that was designed by pilots, for pilots. This is not a modified automobile player, it never was one. Rather, it is a system that was designed from the ground up to be installed and used in  the cockpit. And to top it off, it looks like it belongs in the aircraft too. Using the same mechanical features and faceplates as found on our audio panels, and other vendor radios, the PXE7300 looks at home in the aircraft panel as any other piece of avionics.

Here is what you get with the PXE7300:

  • FAA STC'd/PMA with over 600 airplanes approved for installation
  • Conventional CD (70 minutes)
  • MP3 Audio Files (up to 10 hrs) using standard CD or CD RW discs
  • MP3Pro Audio Files (Almost 20 hours, 288 titles)
  • FM Broadcast –AM Broadcast
  • Auxiliary (to interface external sources)

PS Engineering offers an exclusive 1-year ProSupport warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

PXE7300 Product Information Overview and Features

No one knows audio like PS Engineering! From this technology leader comes the ultimate and affordable In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system for the owner-flown market, the PXE7300. This single unit combines three of the most requested entertainment media types, CD, MP3 and AM/FM radio, with an electronics package that was designed from the knobs to the connector for aviation use in certified aircraft. The PXE7300 represents an unparalleled advancement in operability,simple to use in flight,with the features most desired in an IFE system. Let’s take a tour of the extreme entertainment available in the PXE7300:

➤Turn the unit on, and the AM/FM radio is active.You can tune a station; select one of nine preset favorites, or search for a strong signal on the AM or FM band. Music, news-talk and sports, without the hiss of the ADF, or monthly subscription charges of Satellite Radio.
➤Nothing on the radio of interest? No problem.Just pop in your favorite prerecorded Compact Disc.It plays automatically,with the current track displayed in the window.You can advance the track to select just the right music to suit your mood.
➤Got a long cross-country coming up? You can store almost 20 hours of music on a single disc with the MP3pro format to create just the right musical environment without having to change discs.The PXE7300 will display the track,artist and title information, and the easy access to track selection means maximum enjoyment without distraction.

Designed as an aviation system, the PXE7300 meets tough international standards for environmental conditions, as well as audio performance. FAA Installation certification is under the STC-PMA approval.

PXE7300 Features

➤ Nine preset channels ➤ Plays CD, MP3, MP3pro, CD-R and CD-RW
➤ Speed search function and 9 Preset stations ➤ AM/FM Stereo radio receiver
➤ Push-button or rotary knob track selection ➤ No additional antenna required, internally mounted antenna included
➤ Data display with high contrast LEDs
➤ Front panel dimmer control ➤ Vibration-resistant Disc player
➤ Output compatible for use with intercoms or audio panels ➤ No RFI emissions to interfere with avionics
➤ 1-year warranty when installed by dealer ➤ Certified with FAA STCs

Audio Selector Specifications:
Approval Basis: FAA-STC-PMA
Certification Documents: RTCA DO-160D, DO-178B, DO-214
Power Required: 11-33 VDC, 3.0 A
Power Consumption: 650mA typ. 1A peak
Audio Power Out: 7.5 VRMS into 20KΩ
Auxiliary Audio Summing: 4 sources , ±3dB, 300Hz-6,000Hz
Audio Frequency Response: ±3dB, 300Hz-6,000Hz
Entertainment Frequency Response: ±3dB, 20Hz-18,000 Hz
Weight: 2.4 lb.
Dimensions: 6.25’W x 2.0” H x 7.70”
Environmental Conditions: DO-160D, A1D1/CA(MN)XXXXXXBBBBTBKXX
Temperature Range: -20 C to +55, with transient operation at +70 C.
Altitude: 25,000 feet, unpressurized
Software Criticality: DO-178 Level E
Hardware Criticality: DO-254 Level E
FM Receiver: 87.7 – 107.9 MHz
AM Receiver: 530 – 1710 kHz Superhetrodyne

The PS-Engineering PXE7300 Entertainment System.

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