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PS-Engineering PM3000 Intercom

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PM3000 Intercom


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The PM3000 Stereo Intercom Sets the Bar

Fidelity, Aviation's Best Manual VOX, and  Two Un-switched Inputs for Voice or Tone Annunciations makes this the Perfect Intercom for Demanding Audio Requirements

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Set it and forget it, it's the most forgettable intercom you'll ever use.

Just check out the VOX circuit design and you'll find out what we mean.

The PM3000 stereo panel mount intercom packs a lot in a small space. And with the updated "A" model (four place only) it adds capability not found in any other panel mounted intercom!

Just take a look:

  • The four place stereo intercom (11931A) provides Pilot Isolate (ISO) allowing the pilot to concentrate on flying the airplane while the others on board can communicate with each other and listen to great hi-fi stereo music. 

    • The 11931A provides two un-switched inputs allowing the connection of audio sources like Angle of Attack (AOA) or Terrain Avoidance alerts.
    • The 11931A's single music input is a differential input, effectively eliminating ground loop noise from  the music source. (no alternator whine from differing power ground potentials).
    • Power (PWR) and Transmit (XMT) LED intensity is adjustable from aircraft's lighting control rheostat.
  • The six place version (11932) adds the Crew function. (crew on one intercom channel and passengers on a separate channel. A second  stereo entertainment input is included allowing the passengers listen to their own source. 
    NOTE: The 11932 does NOT have unswitched inputs
  • A single squelch control knob for multiple squelch circuits provides simplified operation as well as making the intercom one of the quietest to use, even in the noisiest of airplanes.
  • Soft Mute circuitry is our standard-setting solution for managing the music volume levels against radio reception and transmission. Once you stop talking, Soft Mute gradually returns the music to its original volume.
  • Automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft radio wires the pilot's headset to the aircraft radio in the event of disrupted power or related failure.
  • Separate pilot and copilot transmit capabilities ensures that only the person pressing the PTT will be heard over the radio. A red transmit light is illuminated when a PTT is pressed -- this also serves as a "stuck-mic" indicator.
  • The intercom volume does not effect the aircraft radio volume, and the pilot has the ability to control the audio level of the intercom independently from the audio level of the aircraft radio.
  • An optional digital recorder can provide up to one minute of storage of radio receptions. A continuous loop recorder, it does not record "dead air time", giving the pilots an option to store up to 16 messages at any one time.

With the PM3000, you get PS Engineering's renown quality and many years of trouble-free operation. And music fidelity that rivals even the best aviation headsets available.

PM3000 Product Information Overview and Features

The world’s first stereo intercom to be FAATSO approved, the PM 3000 brings new heights to audio performance,at a reachable price.With a simplified interface, it clearly outperforms its more difficult to use competitors.

Available in 4- and 6-place versions, the PM3000 can be configured to meet almost any general aviation aircraft requirement.

The 4-place PM3000 (p/n 11931) has two modes,ALL and ISO.

The ISO mode isolates the pilot from the passenger intercom, and connects directly with the aircraft radios. The passengers are free to have conversation, without radio interruption. The pilot is not distracted by passenger intercom use and has control over the radio communications.

The “ALL” mode places everybody on a party line. Each person hears all intercom conversation and aircraft radio reception. Everyone hears stereo entertainment as well.

The PM3000 6-place (p/n 11932) intercom includes a “CREW” mode. In CREW mode, the pilot and copilot are on one intercom channel, while the passengers have conversation on another. In this mode, two independent music inputs are active.The pilot and copilot listen to Beethoven, as the passengers listen to Rock and Roll.

Benefiting from 14 years of excellence in VOX circuit design, the PM3000 exemplifies our motto: “Set it-forget it, it is the most forgettable intercom you’ll ever use.(tm)” Constant squelch adjustments are eliminated with the PM3000. A single squelch knob controls multiple circuits. This provides for simple operation, as well as making the intercom one of the quietest to use, even in the noisiest airplanes.

The 6-place PM3000 provides two independent stereo entertainment inputs. This gives the passengers and the crew each the option to listen to their music device. When the intercom or aircraft becomes active, the music will automatically mute, allowing communications without distraction.When the activity ceases, the SoftMute(tm) circuit gradually returns the music to the original volume. A slight delay prevents lost syllables and choppy conversation.

A unique “Karaoke Mode” in the PM3000 inhibits the mute, and keeps the music at a constant level. In CREW mode, music source #1 is heard by the pilot and copilot, while music source #2 connects to the passengers. In the ISO mode music #1 is distributed to the copilot and passengers. Finally, in the ALL mode, Music #1 is distributed in all headsets.

The PM3000 has an automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft systems. If power to the intercom is disrupted, the pilot’s headset is automatically connected to the aircraft radio. This permits continuous radio communications.

Since the intercom volume does not affect the aircraft radio volume,the pilot has the ability to fine-tune the audio level of the intercom independently of the aircraft radio level.

With the PM3000 installed, both pilot and copilot have transmit capability over the aircraft radio. Only the person who presses the PTT is heard over the radio. A 2-color LED shows green when power is on, and red during radio transmissions.This feature acts as a stuck microphone indication.

PS Engineering offers an exclusive 1-year ProSupport warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

Input power: 12-28 VDC, Current Drain: < 250 mA
Headphone Impedance: 150-1000 Ω Typical
Audio Distortion: <10% THD @150 mW into 150 Ω (Typical <1% THD at normal listening level)
Aircraft Radio Impedance: 510 Ω
±3 dB Mic Freq. Response: 300 Hz - 6000 Hz
±3 dB Music Freq. Response: 200 Hz - 15Khz
Weight: 12 Ounces
Dimensions: 1.25” H X 3.00” W X 5.50” D