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Garmin SL30 Nav/Com

Garmin SL30 Nav/Com


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When panel space is at a premium, the compact SL30 nav/comm transceiver and SL-40 comm fit a lot of capability in a surprisingly small package.

Save Space, Reduce Workload

SL30 packs a 760-channel VHF comm transceiver and 200-channel VOR/LOC/GS nav receiver with DME display into one small space. Besides traditional nav/comm features, SL30 also incorporates workload-reducing functions such as automatic decoding of the Morse code station identifier for VOR/LOC/ILS, most-used frequency storage in unit memory, built-in course deviation indicator and more.

Get Two for the Price of One

SL30 is the only panel-mount nav/comm with a standby frequency monitoring feature providing the capability of two nav/comms in one. With the primary VOR/LOC frequency providing guidance to your HSI or CDI, the standby frequency can be tuned to a second VOR to display the current radial on which your aircraft is flying. This allows you to cross check position fixes with just one receiver.

SL30: Think slim.

Navigation radio features

200 channel Nav with solid state DSP technology
With VOR/Localizer and Glideslope receivers
Built-in VOR/Localizer converter
VOR receiver displays to/from and radial
Digitally decoded OBS setting
Sunlight readable full alphanumeric display
User selectable back course approach mode that provides
"chase the needle" operation
Automatic display of station ID by decoding Morse code
Design and operation consistent with SL line
Interfaces to most CDI (w/resolver), HSI, and autopilot systems
TSO: C34e; C36e; C40c
Accepts 10 to 40 VDC input

Comm radio features

760 communications channels
Frequency range 118 to 136.975 MHz
Active and standby flip/flop frequencies
Volume control
Tunes to National Weather Service broadcasts
Transmit status indicator
Back-lit keypad control
Automatic display intensity control
2X8 frequency memory and recall:
Stores/recalls 8 user defined frequencies
Stores/recalls previous 8 frequencies used
Frequency monitor function (listens to standby
while monitoring active)
Dedicated emergency channel selector
Squelch test function
Stuck mic time-out
12 watt audio amplifier
Includes two place VOX intercom

Size: 1.3"H x 6.25" W x 10.5" D
Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Depth: 11.452 inches (29.09cm) behind panel, including mounting frame and connectors.

Transmit power 8 watts (carrier power)
Input voltage range 10 to 40 VDC
Operating temperature range –20ºC to +55ºC
Certified TSO C37d (transmitting)
Certified TSO C38d (receiving)
Certified TSO C128 (stuck mic)
Certified JTSO

System includes:

  • SL30 nav/comm
  • Installation kit
  • Manual

Package contents may vary per version. See Premier Avionics for more information.

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