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Garmin GTX 330/GTX330 'ES' Transponder

Garmin GTX330/330 ES Mode 'S' Transponder


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A panel-mounted Mode S digital transponder series with traffic datalink capability and dedicated pushbutton keys for squawk code selection, the GTX 330 family brings ATC aircraft surveillance to new levels of precision, reliability and performance.

Leading the Way with ADS-B

With IFR-certified ES, or Extended Squitter, versions of the GTX 330, we have taken the lead in providing an affordable pathway to ADS-B compliance for the Next Generation airspace system. Using precise GPS-referenced positioning information, the extended squitter technology enables transponders to automatically transmit more accurate, and more useful, traffic surveillance data — including aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent, and heading information. (Compared to traditional Mode S and Mode C transponders, which can only broadcast altitude, and thus require ground-based radar to correlate and identify the aircraft’s position.)

Traffic in Simulcast

Certified to TSO-C166b, expected Q4 2012, authorization for 1090 MHz extended squitter transmission, the GTX 330 ES improves upon the existing transponder query system while working seamlessly with existing ATC protocols. The ADS-B reports provide ground controllers with considerably faster updates than traditional radar. And by simultaneously broadcasting this information to TAS or TCAS equipped aircraft, it enables them to essentially see the same traffic picture for their location that ATC is watching on the ground. Thus, with everyone in the ADS-B loop watching and reacting to the same flight trajectories, safe separation is far easier to maintain.

Quality Shows Through

All the features of the standard GTX 330 transponder are retained in the ES version: Solid-state design, 250-watt transmitter, remote ident and auto standby, altitude monitor with voice alerts, TIS-A traffic interface, and an easy-to-read LCD display that reverses its numbers out of black for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions. A dedicated VFR squawk code button makes entering the numbers quick and easy. And a variety of useful timing and display functions include flight time, count-up and count-down timers, plus current pressure altitude. The GTX 330 can also be used to satisfy the European mandate for Mode S level 2 surveillance. And an antenna diversity option is added with the GTX 330D for improved air-to-air surveillance of TCAS-equipped aircraft flying above you.

GTX 330: Better surveillance for busier airspace.

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Physical and Performance:
Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 6.25"W x 1.65"H x 11.25"D (15.9 x 4.2 x 28.6 cm)
Weight: 4.2 lb (1.9 kg)
Display type: digital
Voltage range: 11-33
Transmit power: 250 watts nominal
Transponder type: mode A/C and S
Squawk code selection: push-button
Features and Benefits:
Solid state transmitter (more efficient, longer life): yes
Verbal alerts: yes
Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts compatible: yes
Outside air temperature display: yes
Pressure altitude readout: yes
Altitude monitor function: yes
Density altitude readout: yes
Built-in timers: yes
Automatic ALT/GND mode: yes
Diversity (supports top and bottom mounted antennae to enhance visibility to TCAS-equipped aircraft flying above you): no
Panel-mounted: yes

What's in the Box:

  • GTX 330/330D transponder
  • Installation kit
  • Pilot's guide

Package contents may vary per version. See Premier Avionics for more information.

Part Number
GTX 330 (black) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX 330 (gray) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX330 w/ ES (black) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX330 w/ ES (gray) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX 330D (black) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX 330D (gray) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX330D w/ ES (black) System with installation kit and pilot's guide
GTX330D w/ ES (gray) System with installation kit and pilot's guide

The Garmin GTX 330/330 'ES' Transponder