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Garmin GSR 56 Iridium Network Receiver

Garmin GSR56 Iridium Network Receiver


Part Number: 010-00815-00



Premier Avionics is an Garmin GTN650 and G600 Demo Dealer

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The GSR 56 gives you access to on-demand global weather information and text/voice communications through the Iridium satellite network. The Iridium network provides seamless global coverage nearly everywhere your aircraft can go — even in locations not previously served by other satellite networks. Simply set up voice and data service (subscription required) and start enjoying added safety and convenience on every flight.

Track Weather

With the GSR 56, you can finally enjoy the safety-enhancing benefits of on-demand satellite weather when operating internationally. World Wide Weather data includes Meteorological Aviation Reports (METARs) that provide current temperature, dew point, precipitation, wind speed and more, as well as Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) that show predicted weather for up to 30 hours in advance. Throughout most of Europe, Canada and the U.S., the GSR 56 can also receive high resolution radar imagery, which displays in full color on the G3000™, G1000® and G600, G500 and G500H series' displays. Additional radar coverage areas are being added continuously.

Talk and Text Enroute

Stay in touch from virtually all corners of the globe. The GSR 56 can be used to provide 2-way text messaging via SMS to any compatible phone or email address (currently available in the G3000 and G1000 only). In addition, you can easily make and take calls while in flight — the GSR 56 integrates into your aircraft’s audio/intercom system, enabling you and your passengers to speak and listen directly through a headset.

  • Global datalink weather for METARs and TAFs
  • Radar imagery throughout much of Europe and North America
  • 2-way text messaging with the G3000™ and G1000®
  • Integrated voice calling through audio/intercom system
Up-to-date weather coverage