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Aspen Connected Panel

Aspen Connected Panel

Combines 3 Units in one complete panel!


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Connected Panel™ technology allows you to tie your world together seamlessly into a fully integrated flying experience. Upload your flight plan, tune your radio with a touch, record flight data, automate maintenance records...the possibilities are endless.

Aspen Connected Technology Diagram


Evolution Flight Displays network with a variety of certified avionics from many manufacturers. Connected Panel™ technology creates a wireless link that allows portable smart devices to communicate with that avionics network. Connected Panel Enabled applications purchased from online apps stores offer convenient and powerful tools to use, manage, and store flight data.


Aspen's Connected Pilot is the first in the series of the company's revolutionary Connected Panel product line. Connected Pilot provides a wireless link between certified instrument panel avionics and portable smart devices.

Connected Pilot is designed for Apple iOS mobile devices and is able to receive data from almost any panel-mounted GPS navigator. Additionally, Connected Pilot can enter and synchronize flight plans between Garmin¨ GNS 400W/500W series navigators and forthcoming Connected Panel Enabledª flight planning apps.

The CG100 Connected Gateway hardware provides secure, authenticated and encrypted two-way wireless communications between your certified panel avionics and a growing list of personal smart devices.

Connected Pilot lists for $2,499 (as of 2/19/2013) and includes hardware, software, and application components that can be integrated with an Aspen Evolution 1500, 2000, or 2500 flight display system.

Additional Connected Pilot requirements include:

  • A CG100 Connected Gateway installed in your Evolution Flight Display equipped instrument panel
  • A GNS400W/500W series navigator
  • A compatible user-provided mobile device (currently iPad with iOS 4.3 or later)
  • Flight Connect app (Free from iTunes store and is used to configure Connected Gateway hardware)
  • Connected Panel Enabled application(s), such as ForeFlight or AvConnect

Visit our Connected FAQ page for more information.

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