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Pictures from a Beech D50E installation project

Below are pictures showing some of the installation process of the project.

  • Beech D-50E After Picture Beech D-50E After Picture Our customer wanted to update the panel to make flying easier. We installed a Garmin G600 MFD/PFD system along with a Garmin GNS430 WAAS Navigator. We replaced both the Pilot and Center Avionics panel for a professional looking aircraft panel. The complete aircraft panel was repainted with a Cessna blue/gray to match the factory original color.
  • Beech D-50E Before Picture Beech D-50E Before Picture The original equipment before the installation project.
  • Checking for Noise issues Checking for Noise issues Garmin requires a complete noise test prior to installation of the G500/600 system. Our initial testing showed too much noise in the aircraft. This required running new shielded wiring in the tail section of the aircraft to correct the problem. As indicated in the test, each test failed as the levels spiked in each test and required repair or rewire of the aircraft in the area of the failed tests.
  • Running Retest after Rewire Running Retest after Rewire After we ran new shielded wiring in the tail section, we ran the test again and the test passed. This is indicated by the blue level line in the software program on each test ran. Each white section tested represents X, Y, and Z coordinates in the test.
  • Initial removal of panels and wiring Initial removal of panels and wiring After determining that noise issues were removed from the pre-installation testing, we removed the original aircraft panels and old wiring from the aircraft.
  • New Panels in place before paint New Panels in place before paint We sized up the new aluminum panels for fit and then got them ready for the paint process.
  • The aircraft before flight The aircraft before flight Here is the aircraft prior to the customers first flight with the new installation project.
  • The customer gets ready for Take Off The customer gets ready for Take Off "Tower, we are ready for Take Off with all of our new Garmin equipment that Premier just installed!"